2023 ICHCA


Foundation for Freight Transport and Logistics Research invites researchers and students to apply for award for best  PhD, Licentiate and Master theses in freight transport and logistics in Sweden

ICHCA recognizes and offers awards of 30000sek to outstanding PhD theses, 20000sek to Licentiate theses and 10000sek to Master theses related to freight transport and logistics, conducted at Swedish universities.

The awards are granted for works that have clearly contributed to development in the area of freight transport and logistics and that are completed during the period 01.07.2022 till 30.06.2023.

The application, limited to two A4 pages in pdf format, must state what results have emerged from the thesis work and how these can contribute to the industry. The application should be supported with one reference letter and the thesis in pdf format.  All requested documents should be emailed to violeta.roso@chalmers.se  no later than June 30th, 2023. The ICHCA Board shall make a decision on awardees by September 30th, 2023; the Board’s decision cannot be appealed.

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